Noface- nameless (With the recent appearance of Junot Diaz on The...)

With the recent appearance of Junot Diaz on The Colbert Report, many immigration rights activists and organizers have been borrowing his quotes and comments on immigration and Freedom University with photos to go along with it.

It’s great.. really.. great. But when people do not RECOGNIZE Freedom University, when Junot’s agreement to be on the show was on the bases of talking about FU in order to raise awareness about such amazing organization  it pisses me off that no one is sharing the FU website or the donation page.—done.html—done.html—done.html 

Guys. please share the link. 

We get so much public recognition, but we get like next to nothing when it comes to tangible support. we are always scraping by to buy books for students to use. 

and to all the shit talking about FU. 

Freedom U. and folks involved in the project are one of the most sincere and dedicated educators and immigrant rights supporters I have EVER met. We have never turned any individual down for ANY reason WHAT SO EVER except in the case when they live in locations where transportation is impossible. 

People need to stop talking shit and assuming things about Freedom U when they know nothing about it or the people involved. It’s really heartbreaking to see “allies” and groups who claim to be in “solidarity” making false assumptions about FU.




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