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anchor babies?

So the news about Obama’s ‘Uncle Omar’ has gotten me thinking, there is a very high possibility that President Obama can be considered what people now label, an anchor baby…

The issue of his aunt (Zeituni Onyango) being undocumented stirred issues during his election and first few months of his office until he commented that she should be deported (am I remembering this correctly?). Just FYI, she was granted asylum and is now documented, on the grounds of, her relation to President Obama may cause a life threatening situation, for Anti-American forces may target her. (This made headlines last year)

President Obama’s uncle was recently stopped for a minor traffic violation, caught for drunk driving (pleaded not guilty) after coming to a ‘rolling stop’ at a stop sign, and it has been revealed that Onyango Obama is an undocumented immigrant and he had a deportation order two decades ago. Onyango Obama is 67 years old.

A small section of the article criticize the immigration system, but before I knew it, the speaker, Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, attacked us by adding the word ‘mockery’. Saying we make mockery of the immigration system. And I thought Ira here was going to comment on how undocumented immigrants do not have the pathways to legalization, and that describes how broken our immigration system is. But I was wrong. 

I wonder if President Obama resents his uncle and aunt for stirring up controversies over his family roots and the (already) broken immigration system. Or maybe see them as an annoyance. Or maybe this will bring the immigration problem a little closer to his heart.

Why is his uncle who is 67 years old, on a ICE hold, after getting caught for a minor traffic light? Not to mention the fact that he had clear driving record before this event.

The immigration lawyers assume that Uncle Omar will probably be granted asylum and would have in the past if he had only applied. But then again those are only words by lawyers who are often behind desk and don’t really understand the realities of undocumented immigrants. 

Uncle Omar will probably be granted asylum now, after the fact that his nephew became the President of the United States, and the position will threaten his life if he were to be deported…at 67. 

so, anchor babies? The progeny of a student with F1 visa and an American citizen grew up to reach for the American Dream and became the president of a country, of his father’s second home, and his aunt and uncle’s, their only home. 

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  1. reallifedocumentarian said: Beware of FAIR- they’re part of the white-supremacist John Tanton network of insidious, hateful folks guiding the immigration debate and stirring up fear and irrational hatred.
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